"Dinner in white"
2014 08 26

This Friday (29 of August) in Vilnius will be special. On this Friday for the first time in Baltic states “Dinner in white“ („Dîner en Blanc“) will be organized.

“Dinner in white“ will take place in a prestigous place of Vilnius, but the name of this place will be revealed only a few hours before the dinner start. Due to the event concept participants will stick to some simple, but essential rules:
- All participants will be dressed in white and elegant clothes.
- The tables will be covered in white tablecloths and decorated with white details.
- Gourmet snacks and strictly only wine and champagne will be served on the tables.

So, if you’ll notice a bunch of white people in the city center, don’t be surprised, just smile.

According to organizers first “Dinner in white” took place 26 years ago in Paris. Pioneer of this event Francois Pasquier invited his friends to a picnic in the forest and in order to make it easier to find the place suggested to dress in white. In no time this picnic gained popularity in the city and today it is arranged in more than 40 different cities.