Burbuliatorius No 50
2014 08 18

Today is the 50 anniversary Monday when Vilnius city will be bubbling with soap bubbles!

“Burbuliatorius” (Bubble the city) is an annual and periodic open air urban event, which takes place in different world cities every second Monday at 6.30pm (local time) in summer and September.

Organizers of “Burbuliatorius” seeks to revitalize deactivated public spaces and to encourage citizens to explore the potential of public spaces by developing non-commercial scenarios of their use and sharing the local experience with other cities.

All you need is to bring soap bubbles to the announced place and bubble it!

2014-08-18 | Starts at 6:30pm
2014-09-01 | Starts at 6:30pm
2014-09-15 | Starts at 6:30pm
2014-09-29 | Starts at 6:30pm

Venue: Lukiškių square, Vilnius