1. Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

One of the most important cultural and artistic places. If You want to see best-known operas and ballet performances, that is the place to do it.

Address: A. Vienuolio St. 1

Box Office (working hours):

I-V. 10:00-19:00

VI. 10:00-18.30

VII. 10:00-15:00

(In case there is a performance on Sunday evening, the Box Office is open until curtain is up.)

2. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre

Open since year 1940. Lithuanian National Drama Theatre is a member of European Theatre Convention. Nowadays this theatre shows a lot of productions of classical world dramaturgy, contemporary authors and national plays.

Address: Gedimino Av. 4

3. Lithuania‘s Russian Drama Theatre

One of the best-known Vilnius theatres. It is located in a building, which is a part of UNESCO World Heritage.

Address: J. Basanaviciaus St. 13

Box Office (working hours):

I. closed

II-VI. 10:45-18:30 (lunch break 14:45-15:30)

VII. 11:00-16:00

4. National Youth Theatre

One of the oldest (open since 1965) Vilnius theatres, never losing its audience.

Address: Arkliu St. 5

Box Office (working hours):

I. closed

II-VII. 11:00-18:00 (lunch break 14:00-14:30)

5. Anzelika Cholina Dance Theatre

From its beginning in year 2000, the theatre has been dedicated to the creation of original works that celebrate the power of the human imagination and the scope of choreographic skills.

Address: I. Simulionio St. 4-103

6. Oskaras Korsunovas Theatre

„Different“ theatre led by well-known theatre director Oskaras Korsunovas.

Address: Asmenos St. 8

7. Domino Theatre

The most touring theatre in Lithuania. Comedies and musicals dominate in repertoire.

Address: Savanoriu Av. 7

Box Office (working hours):

I-VII. 11:00-19:00 (lunch break 14:00-15:00)