Billiard, bowling

1. Cosmic Bowling

12 bowling alleys through two floors, air conditioning, restaurant through two floors for 200 people, „cosmic“ design, 80 m2 conference room , billiard and gaming machines.

Address: Vytenio St. 6/23

Working hours:

I-IV. 11:00-00:00

V-VI. 11:00-02:00

VII. 11:00-00:00

2. Billiard and leisure club „Pool House“

Here you‘ll find: 10 pool tables, 1 snooker table and 1 russian pyramid table.

In the club you can not only play, but also learn about billiard‘s history, traditions, learn new billiard games.

Address: Zirmunu St. 68A

Working hours:

I-IV. 12:00-00:00
V-VI. 12:00-02:00
VII. 12:00-00:00

3. Snooker club „Cue Club“

First snooker club in Lithuania (there are 6 snooker tables here). Other billiard games‘ lovers are also welcome.

Address: Zirmunu St. 2, II floor

Working hours:

I-IV. 12:00-00:00

V-VI. 12:00-02:00

VII. 12:00-00:00

4. Billiard Club „Free Ball“

This club has 11 pool tables and 1 snooker table. Comfortable seating area by every table.

Address: Konstitucijos Av. 16, V floor

5. Karolina bowling

Here you‘ll find 9 bowling alleys. There are also billiard tables (russian, pool). Moreover, you can watch various sports‘ tournaments on a big screen almost every day.

Address: Sausio 13-osios St. 2

Working hours:

I-IV. 14:00-00:00

V. 14:00-02:00

VI. 12:00-02:00

VII. 12:00-00:00

6. Bowling Club „Po Ogmia“

Here you‘ll find 5 bowling alleys. There is also a possibility to play russian billiard and pool.

Address: Verkiu St. 29

Working hours:

I-IV. 11:00-22:00

V. 11:00-00:00

VI. 12:00-00:00

VII. 12:00-22:00

7. Zirmunai Bowling

12 bowling alleys, introduction to game rules – if needed; other games (billiard, darts etc).

Address: Zirmunu St. 68A

Working hours:

I. 14:00-00:00
II-VI. 12:00-02:00
VII. 12:00-01:00

8. Apollo Bowling

The biggest number of bowling alleys in the whole city. Different entertainment – billiard, gaming machines.

Address: Ozo St. 25

Working hours:

I-VII. 10:00-00:00

9. Amerigo bowling and billiard

Here you‘ll find the whole entertainment centre – modern bowling alleys;  pool, snooker and pyramid tables; also spacious sports bar, where you can watch basketball, football and F1 tournaments on a big screen.

Address: Virsuliskiu St. 40, PC „Mada“

Working hours:

I-VI. 10:00-00:00

VII. 10:00-23:00