Light festival "Vilnius šviečia"
2014 10 09

2014-10-11 | Stars at 7:00 pm
Bernardinų sodas (garden)
Free of charge

Evening of 11 of October promises a special sight – Bernardinų garden will shine for the first time in it’s history. The garden will be filled with light: 3D projections on the trees and walls, light installations in the most interesting spots of the garden, interactive entertainment. Lights of "Vilnius šviečia" is going to help revitalize the historic memories of Bernardinų garden. On the oldest oak in Vilnius will be displayed 3D projection, illustrating the interesting facts of it’s biography. On the wall of Lithuanian Folk Culture Center will be presented interesting facts about Bernadinų garden. This projection will allow viewers to dive into a visual journey through the garden history.

Interactive games, music and light show at the main fountain, unexpected discoveries will be prepared for visitors at Bernardinų garden. During "Vilnius šviečia” former movie theater and dance hall will be restored for one night. Open air cinema theatre will spin short movies and lindy-hop ladies and gentlemen will invite to join the dance.