International Theatre Festival
2014 09 17

Autumn season starts with the eleventh edition of Vilnius International Theatre Festival “Sirenos”.
 It comes with a motto: “Tired of acting? Come to theatre.” The audiences is invited to explore the territories of new theatre realities: to tackle the comfortable seated position of an observing theatre viewer and to take theatre out into urban spaces.

Organizers of the festival notices: “ Don’t be surprised if a performance brings you out to wander in the streets of unknown Vilnius or to play a role you haven’t decided to choose. Don’t ask why a performance should last for six hours whereas viewers can come and leave whenever they like. Don’t get confused if 
a performance should suddenly turn into a concert or a visual installation”.

The festival starts with Rimini Protokoll theatre experience "Remote Vilnius" on 24 of September. Rimini Protokoll have chosen the route through the city for a group of 50 people and created the soundtrack for streets, parking lots, churches and courtyards. The audience will move around Vilnius following the instructions and will experience situations and stories that will happen only once.

The final point of the festival will be the play "Broken Heart Story" by young Finnish director Saara Turunen where specific irony will blend with video elements. It will be displayed on 5 of October at LNDT Small Hall.