Herb Festival
2014 08 14

Herb Festival is like a farewell day to flowers and herbs. Women on this day used to collect the most beautiful fields’ flowers, various herbs and expressed gratitude for beauty and harvest to the Mother Earth. When Lithuania accepted Christianity this day was related with the Day of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 

In accordance with all traditions Herb Festival is celebrated at the Museum of Lithuanian folk art. On 15th of August at the museum’s campus everybody is invited to explore the market, exhibition of herbal bouquets, presentation of the healing properties of herbs, to try typical local omelet, to enjoy songs, dances, quiz contest-lottery, youth games.

2014-08-15 | Starts at 10:00 am 
Museum of Lithuanian Folk Art, L. Lekavičiaus str. 2 Rumšiškės (near Kaunas) 
Ticket price: for adults 10 Lt 
Purchase ticket at the venue