Verkiai Regional Park

  Verkiai ensemble, situated in an extremely attractive location on a ridge above the Neris River, draws Vilnius residents' and city guests' attention. This is a Classical complex of palaces, surrounded by a park. Many events are organised here; state holidays are also celebrated here. Weekend walking tours through the Regional Park and other environs of Vilnius start from the palace at Verkiai. One of the routes along a winding path is between the lakes in Zalieji ezerai (The Green Lakes). When travelling along the paths of the park at Verkiai, You will have an opportunity to get acquainted with the architectural values of the landscape. The ornithological path also goes through the park at Verkiai.

  One can get acquainted with the religious values by travelling along the Stations of the Cross. Vilnius Kalvarijos is an important local site of pilgrimage, which attracts a lot of foreign guests and pilgrims. Vilnius Kalvarijos is an exceptional architectural-urban ensemble, repeating the Stations of the Cross and merging with the natural landscape. There is Didziosios Kalvarijos (the Large Kalvarijos) with 35 chapels of the Stations of the Cross spread out over a seven-kilometre route: 19 brick chapels, 7 wooden gates, one brick gate, a wooden bridge over the Cedronas (Baltupis) River, and a small chapel and a wooden church, the Church of the Invention of the Cross, standing on the top of the hill. A shorter section of the route (about 2 kilometres), attended by many people, is called Mazosios Kalvarijos (the Small Kalvarijos).

  Next to the Stations of the Cross, not far from the XVIII century station, in a deep ravine You'll find one of the largest and most interesting magic wells in the Verkiai Regional Park. Vilnius residents and pilgrims have been drinking clean water of the well since Old Times – it is believed to have healing powers. Near Kalvariju Street, at some distance from the centre of the city, the elongated, tapering towers of the Church of the Invention of the Cross emerge. You can see them while driving along Verkiu Street towards the Regional Park. The Church of the Invention of the Cross is a three-nave late Baroque church of a vertical design. A religious ensemble consists of the church, the monastery building and the chapels. While driving along Verkiu Street by the Neris River, another church will draw Your attention. It is the Church of the Holy Trinity and Trinapolis monastery, located on the bank of the Neris River, near the Baltupis (Cedrono) River. The two-tower church has five altars and its interior is amply decorated.

  While travelling along Neris riverside, You can stop and have a rest at the former mill, which now houses a restaurant. You can reach the restaurant from the park of the palace at Verkiai.


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