Pavilniai Regional Park

  The heart of the Pavilniai Regional Park is the Vilnia valley. The Puckoriai escarpment is a unique geological monument. It is a rare geological feature, an exposure of Ice Age rock formations, created by river erosion. It is one of the biggest exposures of this kind of rocks in the country. The escarpment itself is best examined from the valley floor. As far back as the XVII century, in front of the escarpment, there was a large, well-equipped munitions factory.

  Nearby You can also visit the site of the old water mill, where You‘ll find a network of restaurants and various entertainment, called „Belmontas“. In winter there is an open skating-rink, next to it – Belmontas cascades. Those who like having more activities can visit a stud farm and take out horses from the stables; enjoy a ride on four-wheeled motorcycles.

  Next to the Puckoriai escarpment, on the bank of Vilnia River, there is a sundial. People who enjoy spending time in the nature and/or fishing, gather by the Vilnia Sundial or at the Puckoriai dam. Visitors can take the route going along the Vilnele River from the Puckoriai dam. In Spring and in Autumn, the administration of the park invites visitors to go on walking tours. While in Pavilniai Regional Park, You can also visit Rybiskiu labyrinth. A magnificent view opens from the Liepkalnis mountain next to Minskas highway. In winter the Liepkalnis mountain becomes especially popular among skiers.


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