1. Forum Cinemas Vingis

The biggest and most modern cinema in the country. It contains 11 cinema halls (the biggest one is for 580 people).

Address: Savanoriu Av. 7

Working hours: 10:30-22:00 (movies can end long after usual working hours)

2. Skalvija

A small art-house cinema is well-known amongst film lovers for its distinctive repertoire, which is focused on non-commercial European and World cinema, both classics and recent films. Skalvija is a major venue for cinematic events – festivals, meetings with filmmakers, retrospectives, special screenings.

Address: Gostauto St. 2/15

Working hours: I-VII. 10:00-21:00

3. Forum Cinemas Akropolis

The most popular cinema, with more than 650 000 visitors every year. There are 8 cinema halls.

Address: Ozo St. 25, PC „Akropolis“

Working hours: 10:00-22:00 (movies can end long after usual working hours)

4. Pasaka

The only cinema in Vilnius Old Town. Independent, non-commercial, artistic cinema‘s home.

Address: Sv. Ignoto St. 4/3

Working hours:

I-VI. 11:00-21:00

VII. 12:00-21:00

5. Multikino

Multikino is more than a cinema – it broadcasts most popular operas from Spain, Italy, Austria...

Address: Ozo St. 18, PC „Ozas“, III floor

Working hours: 10:00-23:00