Shopping centre EUROPA

The total space of the Europa shopping centre is 21,323 m2. It contains one big 1,200 m2 daily products shop and 80 other shops. There are also 4 restaurants and 5 cafes. Glass roof, attractive soft forms, fountains and other details of architecture inside the building make the shopping centre new and unique. Indoor plants soften the modern interior and make it cosy.

The main point of the centre is the first floor area. Its space opens up to the third floor of the building. All three floors are connected by stairs and an escalator, which allows anyone to reach any place in the shopping centre comfortably. The area is connected to a 7-floor parking lot that has more than 1000 parking places. It is possible to access any floor of the shopping centre directly from the parking area.


Contact information:

Address: Konstitucijos Av. 7A

Open hours: I-VI 10:00-21:00 VII 10:00-20:00


Tel.: +370 52487070